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Production Audio

Seer Audio Productions utilizes professional equipment and skills to deliver the best audio recording quality. Whether it's clean wireless dialogue, a rich sounding boom mic, or a high fidelity music recording, Seer has the tools to help you realize your vision.


Sound Devices 664           12-track

Sound Devices 633             6-track

Zoom F8                               8-track

Zoom H4N                            4-track

Wirless Systems

Lectrosonics Lt/Rt

Lectrosonics SRc

Sony UWP Series

Comtek M-216/PR-216


Sennheiser MKH-416

Sanken CS-3e

AKG C414

Sanken Cos-11d

Tram TR50

Lectrosonics M152


Tentacle Timecode Boxes

Wind Screens & Protection

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